О местном государственном

Cities For Dogs And Cats

According to the Government ' s website, the compulsory registration of dogs and cats in State veterinary institutions began in Sevastopol on 1 January.

" To protect the population from human-risk diseases destined from dogs and cats, and to ensure that there are no walking animals on the streets, rules for dogs and cats have been introduced (the decision of the Sevastopol Government of 21 May 2015 " ) of dogs and cats." These rules provide for a number of requirements that are mandatory. One such requirement is the compulsory registration of dogs in public veterinary institutions in the city from 1 January 2017. "

All dogs in the territory of Sevastopol, aged three months and over, regardless of the breed, are registered.

The cats are registered at the owner ' s request.

In order to register his pet, it is necessary to contact any nearest state institution of the veterinary, complete the application form, show the dog or cat and present the identity of the owner or document confirming the power to act on behalf of the legal person.

As a result of the registration, the owner of a dog or cat is given a badge with a registration number and a valid registration card.

The registration procedure is one day.

The issuance of the registration card is free, but the badge and the form will have to be paid at cost.

When an animal is registered, the veterinarians will inform the owner of a personal signature of the rules of dogs and cats in the city of Sevastopol.

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