Стрижки собак фото

Dog Haircuts

The dog's haircut is one of the general notions of "graming" - a set of procedures for caring for animal hair. Gruming, as you have understood, is a broader concept than just haircut and strictly speaking, animals often conduct this operation on their own (drying dog hair, washing cats, swelling peppers, etc.).

By the way, we can also hear the word "trimming" (English trimmig - clean up, cut) which is something other than the direct haircut of an animal, and, to be more precise, scattering, see the section "our services."

In summary, Dog haircuts may vary by appointment:

  • Standard (for exhibitions, taking into account all the requirements and standards of breeding - they are made strictly by the rules);
  • fantasy;
  • Creative (in the taste of master and master ' s eyes, as beautiful and unusual);
  • Home;
  • Hygiene (without special beauty, but pure and careful, it's convenient for the masters and the dog.

The most diversified and most popular of the grasshoppers in Russia is now the yorkshire terrier (more commonly the york).

Despite the fact that the yorkshire terrier standard does not have to be flogged at all, i.e. the york must remain in the long wool, most masters prefer to cut them because it's beautiful and convenient, with all:

Many of our customers and visitors to the site are asked to elaborate on the types of york strips, unfortunately, this information is virtually completely missing on the Internet, at least in a systematic and convenient way.

At your request, let's get some. the most common joork hair:

For each of the jores listed, you can find out more about it by reference. Selected pages contain sufficiently detailed descriptions of a haircut and photographs of dogs.

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