РФ по Орловской области

Regulations For Dogs In The Orlov Area

In general, the State Veterinary Service has sustained epiotic well-being.
In 2016, there were 68 dysfunctional points in the province, 41 (60.3 per cent) in leukos, 1 (1, 5 per cent) in brucellosis, 8 (11, 8 per cent) in pasterella, 2 (2, 9 per cent) in Africa, 16 (23, 5 per cent).
The country continued to have a tense epiotic situation on the African pork plague.
In 2016, 298 PAS hot spots were registered (in other words, 222 (74 per cent) per household pigs, 76 (26 per cent) in 27 entities Russian Federationwhich is three times more than in 2015. New regions of dysfunction - Lipezkaya, Penzen, Vlogna, Arkhangel province, R. Crimea, Chuvasia and Tatarstan.
In 2016, there were outbreaks of African pork in entities territorially bordering the Kalius region:
- in the Bryan region - 2
- Moscow Region 44
- Orlov region - 7
- Smole province - 2
In 2016, there were two cases of African pork plague in the 2nd private farms of the Duminsk region.
Restrictive measures (carantine) have been introduced by the Governor of the Region in four areas: Dumič (partly), Gisdrinski (partly), Sujnic (partly), Ulyanova (partly).
In 2016, there were signals to the public service of the province about the discovery of eight wild kabians in the territory of the Kwastovic region, lead biological waste in the Tarus district, public veterinary service specialists collected samples of material for research on AF (all negative); in the territory of the Ferzíkov region, a defective kabana was detected from a biological probe suitable for research on ASS.
In 2016, 43 samples from wild boar (all negative), 4,585 samples from domestic pigs on the presence of an AHS booster (approximately 2 samples) have been monitored in different diagnostic institutions, if the results are dubious and positive, on the African pork plague at the ABC GB and the windbatorium is obtained to confirm the diagnosis of the material.
During the 2017 period, 18 cases (9 among households and 9 among wildlife) were registered in 6 entities:
Vladimir region - 2 households
Ivanov Region - 1 Kaban

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