Стрижка собак

For Dogs

Modern gruming involves different types of dog haircuts that are performed in our salon within the framework of the exterrier of breed. Regardless of the manner in which dogs will be cut, the master of the Milord salon will provide high-profile services.

This type of sadness provides comprehensive care for the wool and skin of the pet. Your dog's gonna feel comfortable after the haircut, her movement's not gonna squeeze, and the skin's gonna be bleeding evenly. The hygienic care complex includes: claw haircut, ear cleaning, washing and drying. Hygiene haircut of dogsthe photo you can see on our website is to match the ears, tails, laps, morde and intimate areas.

Exhibition hair
In planning for participation in the exhibition, it should be borne in mind that, for animals, the standards of breeding are implemented. Frequently, the exhibition grumbling only provides for equalization of the wool. Its length shall be as long as possible. If you look at the photos, the haircut of dogs before and after the saddle is practically different. The purpose of the sadder is to take care of the dog under exterrier standards.

Decorative haircut
This kind of sadness involves a creative primitive dog. In the context of the decorative hair, the best ideas of the master and the wishes of the owner can be realized. In the Milord salon, you will be offered models of hairdressing, selected according to the nature and characteristics of your pistol. Our masters will offer different images for a dog that can be further painted by accessories, clothing or coloured wool and claws.

The professional haircut of aggressive dogs on photos, as well as the haircut of middle-sized dogs, is being conducted in our salon without the use of sedatives, which guarantees safety for your pet. Our diplomats will be able to find an individual approach even to the most “characteristic” pets.

You can choose your hair on the Internet by using the phrase " to look at dog haircuts on photos " or to come to us in a salon where experienced sadistic stylists will show catalogs with some kind of breeding models.

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