Выгул собак в городе Правила

Regulations For Dogs In The Mouth

В Госдуму внесли новый вариант законопроекта о домашних животныхIn Gosdumu, a bill was introduced defining the rules for the maintenance of domestic animals. The document was drafted by the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg.

The document states that mammals, fish, birds, terrestrials, presumptives and qualities contained by humans to meet the need for communication, aesthetic and educational needs. Also in this category are dog guides, hunting and service dogs, bird traps. The bill defines the following basic principles of animal content:

  • To prevent ill-treatment;
  • Security and respect for citizens ' rights;
  • State regulation of animal content;
  • Liability for offenders;
  • The responsibility of the owner of the animal for the harm it causes to other citizens;
  • The responsibility of other citizens to the master for the harm caused to the animal;
  • Participation of officials, members of public organizations and citizens in animal protection.

According to the document, the federal authorities should develop a list of animals that can be housed, establish rules for the labelling of animals, procedures for their import and removal, movements within the country, and regulations for the disposal of animal bodies. The regional authorities are obliged to maintain the accounting of domestic animals in their region and to determine the handling of street animals. Municipalities are required to set up breeding sites for animals and animal trafficking, to set up animal shelters.

The bill forbids animal content at the entrances, at the attics, in the basements and in other public places, as well as at the balcony. Sobak, whose height exceeds 40 cm in the lobby, will not be allowed to walk under 14 years of age. An adult can walk at the same time not more than two of these animals. Sobak will not be allowed to walk in public places without leash, and dogs above 40 cm high will be free from leash and smear (excluded for service dogs performing work duties). Dogs will not be allowed to enter shops and other facilities (the exception is for service dogs and guide dogs). Dogs will be banned by drunk citizens. Animals will not be allowed to swim in recreational zones.

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