правила содержания домашних

Regulations For Dogs In Blurry

The head of the housing division of the Gomel City JCH, Valery Rostokin, spoke about all the tone of domestic pets in the towns of Komsolke.

♪ The contents of domestic animals in apartments regulate the rules adopted by the Council of Ministers of Belarus. However, the law only prescribes rules on home dogs and cats♪ So the housework is officially counted only as dogs and cats. There are no regulations on hamsters, rabbits, turtles, fishermen, so it can be judged that the head of the housing unit is not prohibited. - I haven't heard of anyone getting exotic animals in the apartment. There was talk about how the Gomelchanin kept the crocodile in the bathtub. But then I realized that living was so uncomfortable, and I got rid of the reptile myself.

The truth is, for monkeys, snakes and tigers, they can be fined for violating the requirements for keeping and unleashing wild animals.

♪ But we'll go back to traditional cats and dogs, and we're still talking. A family living in a single apartment building has the right to contain not more than two animals: a dog and a cat or two dogs or two cats. The area of the apartment doesn't matter. But if several owners or employers live in one apartment, each has the right to maintain one animal, but with the permission of all adults who live in the apartment.

By the way, puppies don't count to three months.


Once an animal has been planted in the apartment, the owner must apply for cat or dog registration within three days. And to give the veterinarian's certificate that the animal is great. Home office will be issued with an ID and a badge on an animal. In the case of cats, no tax is levied for them regardless of the breed. And for dog maintenance, you're gonna have to pay, depending on the growth of the animal and the breed (see the sub-office of God knows!

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