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Private House Rules For Dogs

Photo: TAS/Walery Sharifulin

Moscow will develop rules for the taking of exotic predatory animals. The Chairman of the Commission on Environmental Policy, Mosgorduda Zoya Zotova, spoke about this. These rules will be incorporated into a new draft law on the Animal World, which is expected to be heard in the Metropolitan Parliament in early 2016. Presumably, predatory petites can be taken out in private homes and in the woods, and public places will be prohibited. Administrative liability is proposed for breach of the rules of absenteeism, allegedly a fine of 3,000 to 5,000 roubles.

"Attention must be made of how to walk such an animal. The dog knows everything: in places of mass accumulation, in the vicinity of children ' s or social institutions, it must be in the vault and the leash. But if a man goes into town with a predator, at some point he can't handle it, he said Zotov.

According to her, it was only this year that some 80 exotic animals went to the overstretching centres. These included large predators: lions and tigers. The Zotova notes that such pets are allowed only in private homes and only if there is a simplicity.

"If someone's holding a big predator, a tiger, a bear, a leopard, he's supposed to walk in the yard of his private house. Walking around town isn't safe with him, and the deputy stressed it.

There is no single law on animals in Russia today. Moscow and a number of other major cities have temporary cities Household rules Pets. A fine of up to eighty thousand roubles is provided for the abuse of animals in the country, and the maximum penalty under this heading is six months of arrest.

The trade in exotic animals is governed only by the provisions of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES). The Convention prohibits the sale of animals in the Red Book. However, the instrument was aimed only at protecting rare species from wild extinction, and the Convention did not apply to animals born in the pit. Nevertheless, the owner of the exotic animal must have documents of import or acquisition within the country, a certificate from the veterinarian and a registration certificate.

Many species of exotic animals can be acquired in Moscow, from lizards and spiders to primates and leopards. Typically, these animals are sold via internet stores by private factories. The minimum price for the kangaroo is around 100,000 roubles, as is requested for the fenex lisisu, the cost of the polar wolf can reach 130,000 roubles. Primates cost $150,000 and cost. The baby bear is worth about 350,000 roubles, 400 thousand racks, patters worth about 900,000. And for about 2 million roubles, you can be the owner of a giant ants like El Salvador Dali.

Ilya Blovestein, Vice-President of the Fawn Society, believes that exotic predators can only be outdoors.

"This could be a forest or another infiltrated place. The abandoned building or the area of the abandoned factory will fit. Okay, if the outlet is equipped with high walls or fences. And of course there must be a strong leash and a wardrobe, and he told me.

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