How To Treat A Cat Properly

Кошачий туалет: лотокThe cat's gone and won't take too much time, but you need to know what an animal needs to live normally. Leaving is not only satisfying the cat ' s life needs; proper care will help to identify health problems in the early stages - wool, eyes, nose, ears will show the attention of the host, if everything is okay. Leaving is also a communication that helps establish better contact with your favorite.

Cat toilet

There are cats that are fast-tracking to the bathroom, with others, you'll have to try. The kitten teaches the whole thing, including that necessary skills, so the baby just needs to tell me what and where to do in the new house.Кошачий туалет: закрытый бокс If the kid's wrong, don't be angry, because he's just a little late, put the paper in the lawn and put it in the tray next time, the kittens are sympathetic.

Try to make a cat toilet so that it's comfortable for your favorite. We need to pick a hidden place, always accessible to the cat, where no one bothers her, and a suitable boat (for which he must be with the lower height walls). Cats have the habit of burying " results " , some of which are so powerful that the filler can be scattered around the loin, in which case a closed box will be available.

It's very important to find a good filler for a cat toilet. Long-sixed cats are gonna come up with big granules that don't stick to hair.приучение кошки к унитазу At least five centimeters high. Special fillers for cat toilets are very comfortable, they quickly absorb and retain the moisture and the unpleasant smell. People's like sand or fibre-optics will be blown up on the laps and tails all over the apartment. The newspapers inject very little moisture, which means cat dissatisfaction with wet paws and your marks on the floor.

Remove the cat in time and add the filler (for which it is convenient to use a special rug), change completely as necessary. Don't use a heavy-duty fucker when you're washed. If you don't have one cat, your own lot must have each.

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