Начальное воспитание щенка

Pupil's Education

It would be better to write: " What should the master know that the puppy should be raised? "

The touching and parenting are very closely linked. As soon as you have a puppy in your house (the age doesn't play a role), except for the purchase of the necessary things and the amunition, you'll be right in the way. I mean, you're gonna train the simplest and most needed teams. Education also involves a hierarchy, as well as an understanding of the master of how to act with the dog. Both aren't difficult.

So, briefly about the most necessary thing to know a cultivated puppy.

  • Dog education (core rules). Education rules should be known every master who wants to solve as quickly as possible the possible behavioural problems, which are often the result of non-compliance with these very rules. Compliance will lead to good behaviour from a fourth-hand friend. Study them now!
  • The toilet. Every puppy should be able to pee in the right place at home or outside. Of course, no puppy will go to the bathroom where you need to be, so he needs to be trained. That's what the hosts will do for the first weeks of his life in the house. However, the more the masters work, the faster a sustainable outcome can be achieved.
  • There's a puppy coming up with other people and the masters worry that he's not gonna make a good defense, or the baby's not gonna grow up, or maybe he's biting his hands during the game or trying to feed, or he's picking up shit from the floor, or he refuses to listen to you in spite of tons of effort. In this case, you'll look at the section "Pupple Uping" which details the answers to these problems.

The right upbringing of the puppy through contact with the master.

The proper upbringing of a puppy depends on the control, perseverance, the amount of time and the love of the master to the pupil. But love doesn't mean you don't have to punish a puppy for his pity or attempt to eat something from the floor. The owner of the dog is strict, strong, and at the same time, a good daddy.

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