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Rules For The Maintenance Of Dogs Of The Armed Nature

Hazardous dog owners will be forced to undergo special training

Now in Gosmud is preparing for the second reading of the draft law on responsible animal management. He basically describes a man's relationship with the animals. However, the rules concerning the most dangerous dogs were of particular relevance.

The American pit bullier, the Caucasus shepherd, the South African burul, the cartel dog, the anatolic karabash, the American staffordshire terrier and the alabai were introduced into the top-list. And the mestizo of the species.

"It's clear that a dog of combat breeds is a high-threatening source," said "R.R. Dr. Ivan Solovyev. - It's impossible to predict her behavior for 100 per cent, despite any drainage programmes. Therefore, the owner of such a dog must understand that when she is found in a house or apartment, the people who live there are exposed to potential danger."

The federal public authority responsible for such work is expected to monitor the implementation of the law. Who's gonna be filled with, it's gonna be decided. Such officers will be able to bring offenders to administrative responsibility.

Less than a year and a half ago, a terrible story happened in one of the towns of Kemero province. A boy who's a year old has been left unsupervised for a while. Without being aware of the danger, he approached two dogs running in the courtyard: a saffordshire terrier and a pit bulltery. The dogs got the baby. After that tragedy, there were suggestions to prohibit dog content the rock. But most experts tend to move on a different path: raising dogs and people. People, by the way, above all.

Recently, in Omsk, the world court punished the master of the American bulldogue. A 30-year-old man, along with his wife, took out a dog under a degree. The accidental leather made a comment, pray, on the manifold nature should be wearing a warlord and a leash. The word was offended by the dogmaker, he gave the "fas" team and he treated the other guy with the dog.

♪ There must be clear and strict requirements as to the conditions for such dogs to appear outside the designated areas, Ivan Solovyev speaks. - It could be a wardrobe, and special hard drives.

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