Regulations For Dogs In Human Settlements

Question: In our house, the owner of the sheep takes his pet out of the street without a curtain. And I have a little baby, and I'm afraid he won't be bitten by a dog. I've made a comment to the neighbor on several occasions, but he says the dog is kind and doesn't bite. Could the neighbor be held accountable?

Answered by the prosecutor of the Oktyabr district of Usa Vladimir Fedorović: In accordance with the provisions of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, a domestic animal is recognized as the property of its owner. The owner of the household animal has the burden of maintaining it and the duty to comply with the requirements of the legal and regulatory acts and not to violate the rights and interests of other citizens.

Animal content may be regulated by regional and local regulations.

Okay, Regulations for dogs and cats in the Kurdish area have been approved by the Order of the Chief of Administration of the Kur District of N 214.

According to the Regulation, the duties of cat owners and dogs are to prevent contamination by dogs and cats of access, staircases, elevators, children ' s areas, roads and pathways. It is categorically prohibited to leave dogs in schools and other educational establishments, kindergartens and nurseries, playgrounds, gardens, parks, squares.

The rules also provide for a dog walk. Thus, the removal of dogs is permitted only on a short leash (up to 1 m) or in a locker with a registration plate on the collar.

It is permitted to walk dogs without leashing or cursing only in the local government.

The non-observance of the Animal Rules by the Courish Region Act of N 1-ZCO Administrative Offences Act, as well as local government regulations, is punishable.

For example, the violation of the established rules for the maintenance of domestic animals in towns and other localities in the Kur province entails an administrative fine on citizens up to 1,000 roubles (article 37 of the Courier N 1-ZCO Act).

With regard to the question of bringing a neighbour to administrative responsibility for taking a dog out of the box, you may refer to the local authorities responsible for drafting protocols on such offences.

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