Правила разведения

Regulations For Breeding Dogs

Long-term pet.

Eugenia and his husband have thought and carefully weighed everything for and against before buying a dog. And when you decided to take this step, you went to one of the well-recognized service dog clubs. They've been advised by a factory who's involved in the exploration of the Labradors. The seller was unable to visit because of the remoteness of the pet, which is located in Blagovensk. That's why the choice was made in absentia, on the phone. Eugenia transferred half the price of a puppy and waited for a living package, Labrador agreed to bring a friend who was just returning from the regional centre. Later, her story about the animal conditions of the planter shocked the new owners.

♪ According to the girl, she was not allowed into the courtyard, the puppy was passed through the calibre, explained to Eugenia. - But she saw through the small cheeks in the fence that the territory was buried, there were many different dogs in the courtyard that were held in terrible conditions.

Consequently, the puppy was in a state of neglect. When Eugenia saw the baby, she wanted to cry from pity. The puppy was dirty, scratched hard, was three-kilogram, while the labrador at that age should weigh at least seven kilos.На пикет к амурским зоозащитникам придет одноглазый Боцман The color of the puppy's hair was seen after the baby was bought. Svetlo Cream Labrador was called the Duke.

The cheek was immediately boarded and fed only with a premium class. The owner didn't chew his soul, he had a lot of walks with him, went to the gym, the Duke was smart and smart.

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