How To Do Dog Intelligence

КинологKinologist, specialist the education and development of dogs♪ And cynology is a dog science that is based on dogs.

From Greek. logos - learning.

Professional characteristics

Kinologist is a specialist in dog education and development. And cynology is a dog science that is based on dogs.

There are three areas in the dog industry: service (military, guard, pasture, driving, caring, etc.), hunting (harvest and sports) and decorative. Kinologists usually specialize in one of these areas.

Kinologist can do it. Dog divorce and focus on the quality of exterrier and health. He sees whether puppies meet breeding standards or, on the contrary, tries to remove a new breed, trying to achieve some special qualities.

When working in the nursery of the service dogs, cinemas breed, cultivate and raise dog guides for blinds, dogs, or service dogs (depending on the profile of the nursery).

  • Kinologs instructors Dogs are trained, obedient, trained teams. Such professionals work in nurseries, dog clubs or privately.

I have to say that the direction of the dressing can be anything. And not only the dogs of the so-called service type of sheep or labrador.

For example, some kind of spa-like decorative dog can be taught to find a bad glacier in houses. Or raise like a therapist dog. Canis therapy is also called a dog therapy or a medical cinema, a good helper in raising children with Down syndrome, DTC and other neurological disorders.

In 1961, American psychiatrist Levinson found that communication with dogs improved the coordination of movements, promoted emotionalism, memory, etc.

Outside, in some hospitals, dog therapy is used even to remove patients from a coma: lochma therapists are specially referred to a reanimation unit where they communicate with patients.

Regrettably, this direction is not very developed, although there are already technicians. In Moscow, for example, there is a centre called " Dogs - Disability Assistants " , where dogs are trained in the special course of therapeutic dogs.

  • At the hotel or in the shelter, the main purpose of the cinema is to make the guests comfortable.
  • In shelters, in addition, cinemas organize dog treatment and, where possible, put them in good hands.

But what does the word " kinologist " come to mind first? Of course, the image of a rattled guy with a dog on a leash.

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