Ulan Eqidius(импорт Словакия)

Workplace Assemblies

The VOLTAX Phenomelet (Primorian Province, Artem) from working parents offers German sheep for work, service and sport!
Date of birth. There's a choice!
Parents are worthy breeds, with great parenthood, stable mental health and strong health!
Oh. Vihrer In Warrk Style (Enzo von der Suderholmer Strasse* Daika in Work - Style) colour gray
m. Voltax Estilba (Kasspersky*Vendetta from Berega de Fries) painted black on a monopoly exhibition of the Long East Cup, 2016, received a prize for better work in the conduct test!
First grandchildren from a famous black collar - Caspersky! The World Championship on International Dressing IGO 3 in Germany was well assessed!
We're looking for owners who are ready to work on team @kennel_voltaks! Let's help with growing, dripping and proper feeding!

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