Бишон фризе 1 до стрижки

Frieze Bishon

Bishon Friese is an unusually attractive and heartfelt dog, doesn't lose, requires a lot of movement, plays and loves it when it's smooth. The decorational bishon-frise cut allows experimentation with dog images. It's a good breed for amateurs to change their pets and hair.

Cost of Bishon Frieze

Nature Price
Bishon Frieze 3800 roubles.

The complex consists of washing, drying, rock haircut, clawing, ear cleaning.

What's the sadness of the bishop dogs?

Bishon Friese is a characteristic characteristic of the species of soft, scattered white wool requiring constant care. The Milord dog salon has more than 13 years of experience care services To the pets of different species. Our masters will make a quality and effective hygienic haircut of the bishop's dog. Professional sadders will also offer exhibition and decorative haircuts for this breed's dogs. You can be sure that the haircut and trimming of the bishop's dogs will be performed at a high professional level, taking into account dog exterrier standards. By caring for a dog like bishop fries, our masters also take account of the owner's wishes.

My bishon is a shampoo for light dogs, which underlines his wool. Then it is very important to dry and pull the wool out of the ravine. The standard cut of the bishop's dog species is to give the head and body of rounded shapes. The eyes are open. The legs are strigned so they look straight, and the legs are scrubbing around.

The hygienic or excavation haircut of the bishon in our salon will bring the cherished view of your pet into order.

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