Владелец: Мухина Надежда

Priorities In Dog Breeding

Do you need a German working shepherd of Russia? Should we repair the line of work?

The value of divorce and business at any price on German sheep to the detriment of its working properties is not the same. At least one of the performances should preserve the moral and ethical framework, the traditions of the ancestors, a boundary between conscience and advertising powerlessness, which, on the one hand, enables the operation and maintenance of petists in market relations, and on the other hand, does not harm the quality of the product - dog genetics, physical and mental health.
Many of our country ' s factories have gradually come to the conclusion that working-kn/on-market models introduced during the SV season of the X. Martin settlement programme cannot be replicated. The State should take care of the pettors that supply workers ' dogs to society (armies, police, etc.). It is necessary to create conditions for morality and the responsibility of shepherds before breeding. ♪
* There is a view that market figures can survive without any form of grant and benefit from the State, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Army. You can agree with that if it's just a show of behavior. 2. In the case of workers in the absence of legislative protection in Russia, a purely market-based approach is unlikely to help revive the German sheep capable of benefiting people.
3. German sheep Exhibits are still cheaper for user purposes (although the situation changes to the best). Working pets barely end with ends, as their parent dogs do not obscure the consumers with the titles of the domestic n/o of the exhibition camp (all of them are the children of the winners of the World, CIS, RCF, etc.). The workers are therefore in an unequal competitive environment with the dogs from the show. There is a discontinuity between the price and the consumer quality of the product.

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