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Best Dogs In Urban Apartments

Померанский шпицThe advantages of small dogs are clear: they are easier to keep in urban apartments, they do not pose a special threat to humans, and another plus, they're funny and funny. They say a little dog is always a puppy.

Today, we will talk about the species that are perfect for keeping in the apartment. And who can be best friends for kids.

Pomeran spice

The growth of the Pomeran spice is only 18 to 22 centimetres, which is the smallest type of spice. It's impossible not to fall in love with him. Representatives of this breed are fun, friendly dogs (although sometimes loud as children). It's the best choice for a family with kids, but at least 3 years.



Chihuahua. from dogs The ancient civilizations of Maya and Aztecs, the star breed. She's preferred by Hollywood celebrities and La Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, etc. These dogs look very funny, and they're mostly very patrons. Even though they're causal, it's all up to you. They're good at cats and kids, and despite their size, they're fighting to protect the family from big dogs.


Boston terrier

Boston terrier is often confused with French bulldogs, which is quite fun because it's made out of English. His growth is 20 to 25 centimeters. It's a very friendly dog, the perfect option for a family with little kids. Besides, there's no need for special care. The only minus likes to grind everything he sees. So keep your special toys for your beloved, you can brush your teeth.

Jack Russell Terrier

This pond became a world-friendly post-Maska movie. It's a very active dog, so I don't think it'll fit for anyone who loves quiet and calm.Джек-рассел терьер Though it's very thoughtful, so if you're good, you're gonna try to please the master.

Maltese Bolon

Maltese bowls are the main models of all decorative species. It's a feminine breed - women like to dress and steal these cute dogs - and they don't mind. They love society very much, and they're very good at it literally with everyone, having fun with cats, rabbits and other domestic animals.

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