стрижка пекинеса

Peckinus String

Мы делаем такую работу, за которую потом не краснеем =)

The jorks and bakers.

It's surprisingly beautiful that Yorkshire terriers have. It's a perfect wool long and silk. When a dog moves, it's shaking and whining. In order to achieve this, it is necessary to visit specialists. The furnace needs to wash two to three times a week, regular haircut and daily combing. The yorkshire terriers have a very delicate structure of the wool, so it's easily confused by forming coltons. Only daily combing will help avoid this problem. When selecting a straightforward species, preference is given to a short hair cut, and on the head it's gonna be in a stick.
The building of the yorkshire terrier is important in your dog's life, because her long hair requires professional attention. Without proper care, she's just gonna lose her beauty, she's confusing, and she's gonna be able to threaten her pet with skin diseases.
Besides, york haircut Not only for hygienic purposes. In our performance, these sands are inseparable with tails, banners and stews. If you don't have a chance to visit the salon often, choose a short haircut for your favorite.

Just like the york, careful care requires the wool of a pychines, which is not only very long but also dense.
The pelvis has a hair around the neck a little bit, reminding the collar and, if it is combed regularly, no further care is required. Before starting a haircut (in the salon or at home), it is important to know that the wool on the dog's body is not severed, but only buried in the ears and abdomen. In the bottom, the wool must not reach the ground about five centimeters to avoid falling. If a decision has been taken to sharpen the pychines, consider the possibility of annoying on the skin that can be removed by the oil of the tea tree.
The haircut is, of course, more modest than the yorks, but it still requires careful care.
The zoosalone Grumers Diva will not only make the original, primitive of your favorite pecanes and yorkshire terriers. They'll take care of your dogs and welcome you to the new pet simulator.

До стрижки малыша Йорка После стрижки - красавица Алиса! Йорк до стрижки Красавчик - после стрижки!

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