Как стричь ши-тцу в домашних


Shi-tsu is a charming little dog who loves people's society. She's very smart, self-confidant and very jealous of her appearance, so she's patient with daily wool care.

Shi-tsu cut cost

Shi-tsu3,700 rubles.

The complex consists of washing, drying, rock haircut, clawing, ear cleaning.

What's the sadness of the shi-tsu dogs?

She's got a long, tasty hair with a developed saucer. Such wool characteristics require regular care, which, in the view of veterinarians, should include hygienic haircuts and be produced at least 2-3 times per month. The master of our salon is willing to provide professional trimming of the Shi-tsu species, and to perform hygienic or expositions of the Shi-tsu dog species on the photo of the client. Our salon's crudes are highly skilled professionals who cut dogs for not only a profession but also a hobby. The master ' s work is guided by the exterrier standards of a species, given the wishes of the dog owner. And the creativity of our work allows our sadders to do the most bold haircut and haircuts for Shi-tzu's dogs on the catalogue.

Take the wool.

The wool characteristics of the species also require additional care procedures. Spa-procedures are used to prevent the formation of colts, to improve growth and deep cleansing. After spa sessions, Shi-tsu dogs are more attractive because of softness and silkness.

Our salon also uses specialized balsams and air-conditioners, extenuating and humidizing skin and hair. The educated bulbs are carefully scattered by their hands or by their hair. The hair is well dryed by the phenomenon, the top-not on the head, if that's what it means. Dog haircut Shi-tsu. The hair on the paws is equalized by giving a careful view.


Many owners like their short-term dog, which significantly reduces the time of home care. Such a haircut for a shi-tsu would allow a low-cost and fast-tracking of its pet. Today is also a great popularity for the schi-tsu of a puppy, which even makes an adult dog a child.

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