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Law On Precise Dog Maintenance

Поголовье на приусадебных участках пересчитают в каждом регионеParliamentary newspaper Photo

The draft law, which proposes to give regions the right to establish a limit on the number of different types of animal farms allowed to be held on a landing site, has been submitted to the State Duma.

The Chairman of the Duma Committee on Agrarian Affairs, Vladimir Kashin, was the author of the document. According to the draft law, changes are subject to the Federal Act " On personal support services " .

The right of actors to determine the maximum number of head of livestock is dictated by the author, in violation of sanitary and veterinary regulations and rules in individual personal households. The number of animals does not seldom exceed the average hundreds of times. At the same time, the headline is often located at the border of the settlement and in in incapable accommodation.

" Such farms become a source of acute infectious animal diseases, including dangerous and human diseases, as well as violations of the constitutional rights of neighbouring citizens to a favourable environment " , are set out in the explanatory note to the document.

It is also noted that this measure will effectively prevent abuse of tax benefits.

In addition, the law proposes to combine the rules governing the legal regime of property used and created in the conduct of personal household with one article. In doing so, common property will be understood as a whole of fruit, products and income.

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