Боксер и котенок

Boxer Content

BoxerIt's not meant for round-the-circuit. He doesn't grow up with a rotber. However, if the planter has several animals, it's difficult to keep them in the house for a year.

If the boxers are on the street temporarily, then the walk is built. By swinging a boxer in the courtyard, you're just like in the courtyard. householdmust take care of him. A puppy should be taken out for the fence of the house so that he can get used to the sound of moving cars and other people. If the puppy is confined to the courtyard, he'll grow up uncommunicable and probably just be afraid.

The boxer on the street is supposed to be in spring when it's warming up. The volley area should have a gradient of about 20' to 30's for the water. Drenaging should be done at the marshmallow.

The dog voiler should be located 10 to 15 metres away from the farmhouses: toilets, sarium, garage, birds, etc.

The Voler has to make a calculation so that it can contain a grown dog. The minimum size of the 3x3 meters, but the more it is, the better.

The dog from his home should have a review of the whole courtyard. The Voler shall be fenced with a wire of 2, 0-2, 5 mm diameter, 40x40 mm wide. The height of the fence is at least one and a half metres.

The grid is concrete or deep in the soil 30 to 40 cm so the dog can't dig under it. The surface of the freefield shall not be concrete, asphalt or glynaic, as it helps to maintain humidity and the dog will be sick.

It's best to cover a two-thirds volley area, tightly clogged on the braces. This floor is five to seven years old.

The rest of the vault leave the uncovered, plant the grass and plant the low-grown tree. Remove the volley every two to three days and the booths twice a month.

There's a contour in the vault. Boxers don't carry the heat well, so there should be a hint in which dogs could rest.

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