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Dog Content And Distraction

Японская акита-ину, фото породы собаки фотография картинкаJapanese Akita Azumi Pytoman Dog WiL*L
Permitted natural products include:
♪ Oxygen products (creat, kefir, low yogurts, etc.),
♪ Cheese (not salt)
♪ Egg (not more than 2 States per week),
♪ Meat
♪ Welded cookies, kidneys, lungs,
♪ Cough coughs (great, rice, wheat)
♪ Vegetables (sorrow, onion, baton, tomatoes, pumpkin)
♪ Fruits (for an axes over 4 months - bananas, pears, apples and others),
♪ Spray oil (acquired 1 st. l. in cushes).
No experimentation with other natural products is recommended.

The amount of akita feeding depends on age. The example is:
♪ Pupils up to 2 months are recommended to feed 5-6 times per day,
Two-month puppies five times a day,
Three-month puppies, four times a day,
- Four-month puppies three times a day,
♪ Sobak, six months and over, twice a day.

Sometimes, in the absence of loads and low-lived lifestyles, Japanese aquitas eat once every two days. It's rare, but it happens, and it doesn't matter.
Feeding dosage is indicated on the package or calculated at 400 to 500 g (dry) by 30 kg of aquita weight.


Akitam-in doesn't fit the rent, they'll be more comfortable in a simple volley or in a private house. If the aquita still lives in the apartment, there's a lot of attention to physical exercises in the fresh air. All necessary supplies should be acquired in advance. The Akitas should not sleep on the bed by equating themselves with the master. " The dog cannot claim the master ' s things, and the owner may in turn claim any Akita thing " , the rule must be taught to the dog from the earliest days. Mishka must match the size of the dog and be placed on the front. Unnecessarily will limit the access of akita to the bedrooms and kitchens. Achita-in is not recommended for families with small children and domestic animals, for inexperienced owners, unstable persons, as well as persons who tend to commit aggression and hysteria.

What are the things to buy for a Japanese or American akita-in?

The following items are recommended for the aquita content:
- brisket (2 st) on the counter,
- Leads and collars (equipped with a " growing " collar; leather can only be replaced by good aquita education);
Toys (most of latex)
- a bone from a dwelling that helps with the change of teeth by puppies and necessary to maintain the purity of teeth by adult akits,
- a leather or a strip or a big mat,

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