Стрижка котов на дому

Kyi Dog String

I was looking at my mom with a little older than Leva from the balcony. He's the only one who's ever run around his mother and his pram. And then I saw that there was another kid in the bell, so he's a big brother, and I know what an independent, not all mom's attention is. Then my mom and the twins moved in, they're a couple months older, but they're sitting in a bell, not letting them run. So how's one after two? I guess not. They talked about something a little bit, and they split up. Maybe we talked about what's easier, since we're two of the same age to raise or weather. I thought about it on the 11th floor of mine, and I never came to any conclusion. But even from the 11th floor, there was a flare of fatigue over them, and a cocoon of motherhood that won't penetrate or break into anyone but the same moms. Even moms who have kids growing up a little. It's so fast and undetectable and it's forgotten. Not all of it, but remember everything from outside, not from inside. Only inside this cocoon of the first years of your babies can be that tired and so happy.

I went to the pearl at last. It's a terrible test now to look at yourself in the mirror while they're strigning. I just can't believe it. Is that me? Where's the Romanian who was arguing with the curtain where the thrilled hair is. The man, however, never happened to me. But the hair was a mushroom like Papaus. I thought I'd get old enough. We must have. I tried to remember where it was, where it was, so I wouldn't be surprised next time. I mean, I'm gonna need to get a little more brush now that things change very quickly. The truth is, after the haircut, all the hairdressers went as well, and a whole other person now, and I almost believed them. I'll snatch it up, see what happens. I wanted a red color first to make something bright in the head area, but then Masha was advised and decided to try the ash. I'll make it tomorrow.

Leva didn't recognize me with a haircut. It's been a long and careful look, and even the eyebrows have shurled that it's still for the news with me. Determining what it is, he probably can't, just sees something's changed. Well, at least I didn't bleed right away, I'd have to get the copying off and I didn't take the password.

With Lava, we always decide who he's going to be today, a bear, a kitten, a mouse, a lion or something. For diversity. He agreed to be a rabbit today. Leva's pathetic today. We've got him on the second day, and he's attacked. But it's very masculine, it doesn't squeeze or complain, it gives a nose to wipe and drop. I've just put it on me and I've been sniffing over time, and I'm tired of it. They didn't walk, even warm, +16, but all the hurricanes are on us, and they're walking in the windows.

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