Гигиеническая стрижка

Hygiene Burka Haircut

The hair cut of York's dogs means a package of services designed to make dog hair attractive. The whole ball of this species is focused on her hair, so the right care is important. These dogs don't have a pancake, and the hair itself looks human.

The length of York's wool should be kept regular. Adult dogs are happy to welcome the hair cut. Because of their age, it is beneficial to them. With a small amount of time or on vacation, the dog should cut short, in 8 to 10 months the worm will take the necessary dense and the desired colours. Between york's ears, the hair goes to the tail of "Fontainer" by stealing rubbers or cuts. Most of all, York requires attention to appearances, but it's not possible that a pet will fit both a child and an older person.

The Yorkshire terrier is divided into two categories:

  1. Exhibition dog hair.
  2. Dog hair For souls.

Usually, at an exhibition, the York dog hair is standard:

  • The length of wool in the submarines, in the groin, on the lips and on the tips of the ears is short;
  • The whole thing is carefully brushed from the colts and equated;
  • Slash between fingers.

We need to know each owner.

The cheek needs to be taught from a little age to care for the wool. The puppy needs to be washed 1 times 10 to 14 days, necessarily with the shampoo and the air conditioner in separate flasks. If the baby doesn't like the washing process, it's desirable to do it more often. The baby needs to be scratched every day, and it's more common to get used to it. It's necessary to brush a little wet hair. Special sprays or combs are used almost at the end of the drying after bathing.

The yorkshire terrier's hair changes from five months to start using oil masks. You're gonna have to teach your hair before. Usually, when the owner tries to start his own hygienic haircut, which is binding on the care of the beloved, it doesn't work out as much as it would. Because of the insusive nature of the puppy, that's not what everyone can do. It's better to invite a house hairdresser from 3 months of age. Groomer at home will cut his puppy while keeping his psycho in good condition, interrupting games and room walks.

You can't forget that compliance with your friend's wrist care rules will keep him from disease and allergic reactions.

The Yorkshire terrier ' s cut price depends on the hairstyle, the number of york cuts, e.g. washing, iron treatment, the quality of the cosmetics used.

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