Йорк стрижка СТАНДАРТ с

York Hair

Dog string in Moscow Plaza for a favor, Treaty for the four-legged pets.
The dogs of all kinds!
haircut, washing, trimming, ear cleaning, clawing, brushing of colts.
yöurk, cut complex-1200
(bologna), shi-tsu, pekines -1200rub (complex)
I'll be right back. ♪
free of trimming (reset) - 1,500r.
Bullet, complex-1200
Budel medium, complex-1400
Work is carried out using professional tools and cosmetics. The tools go through compulsory disinfection!
We can go to the house at a convenient time.
I work: m. Botanical garden, m.V.V.M.Savelovsky, m.Dmitrovsky, m.Timiriazevsky,

M. Petrovsk-White, 800-year-old region of Moscow, Dubninsk, Dmitrovsk, M. Vladikino, M. Ottufj, Altufyev Highway, M. River Station, Moscow, Petrovsco-Razumovsky +7 926,050-27-33

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