Оригинальные стрижки собак

Dog Hair

Grumer is your first friend or your cat.
Many breeds simply cannot do without haircuts and professional beauty maintenance. And if a dog can need to be completely cut off not often, hygienic interventions need to be regular enough:

- Claw cut,
- ear cleaning,
- fixing the wool on the fingers, the cushions, the face;
- swimming and brushing.

Dog hair In the Hmelnicus, you will be affected by your efficiency - sometimes the owners will simply not recognize their beloved beloved!

Pearly and lachmatic cats are usually strigned once or twice a year when the hair grows sufficiently. The haircut isn't so hot, especially in the summer, she doesn't have coltons, and in addition, she doesn't lick her hair and she doesn't read it. The cats in Hmelnicsk are being built without drugs and in the presence of the owner.

In our animal salon, Zostil employs a skilled sadmer who sees the beauty of the animal and can approach it. We tried to do everything to create a comfortable environment. Professional haircuts, individual approach, love, care and attention are what awaits you and your favorites in our salon.

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