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The Dock Is Not Rented

аффенпинчер фото


You better not.

allergies: hypoallergene (hereafter means that the dog is very rarely allergic)

apartment: suitable for a small apartment

This little kid with rich bush eyebrows, wiping the bottom of his lip, beard and proudly raised head will suit people with a good sense of humor. The room dog is the oldest of the petty species. It was originally created to hunt rodents. She can't be kept with the cats, but to those who lack the company, she'll be fine.

What dogs are better for the kids? Border Terier

Kids, great with kids of any age.

Allergic: Hypoallergic breed of dogs (often allergic)

It's very tight, luxury, good dogs. Slow and balanced. Friend with home animals. They love communication and long walks.

собаки для детей породыYorkshire Terrier

Children: excellent for girls

allergic: hypo-alergenna frost (frequently allergic)

apartment: suitable for a small apartment (the dog transports travel, hotels, flights)

York has been the most demanded species for years. They're like living toys you can dress up and wear a armpit. They will give the sea of tenderness and love to their masters. And despite its miniature size, the yorks are smart dogs. Six reasons for starting a dog.

Йоркширский терьер фотоPomeran spice

Kids: dogs love children very much.

allergies: the pond is not suitable for allergies.

apartment: best frost apartment dogs (Comnatural dog, easily transports travel).

Perfect dog for home. Unsuitable, easy to adjust to change and need no permanent training (basic sand teams can learn five months already). Very obedient and one of the smartest dog species. And the haircut looks like a teddy bear.


Children: best dogs for children

allergies: the pond is not suitable for allergies but does not have a characteristic dog smell

Life optimists, protectors and loyal friends who love to play. They will be ideal satellites for those who lack communication and a good company for children and adolescents. They'll also fit for life in a big family. Shi-tsu, however, it's important to raise the right thing, or the dog will grow in its own right, it will be difficult to control. The song is easy to get a job and learn to do teams fast.

Bishon Frieze

Children: excellent contact with children

Померанский шпиц стриженный фото Ши-тцу фото Бишон фризе фото Померанский шпиц пушистый фото
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