Разработан аппарат пылесос для

Dog Washing Pump

Разработан аппарат пылесос для мытья собакThe mouse of dogs is certainly a very difficult process. We need to get her into the bathroom, wet her, wash her shampoo, and then we'll have to clean the bathroom from the wool and wipe the floor. Bissell has developed a portable BarkBath system that is easier to describe as a dog duster. We just need to fill out a special tank of water and fill up BarkBath, after which you carefully stitch the wool, like you're blowing the carpet, wash the dog.

Разработан аппарат пылесос для мытья собакIt's a champoo solution that goes back into the plant. The used liquid is found in the rubberware for dirty water, which is then drained. When washing the face, it is recommended to melt a little soap water and then wipe me with a microfibra napkin. To clean the shampoo, we need to repeat the cycle of the washing, but without the shampoo using only water.

According to the developers, only 1, 4 litres of water are required to wash a 36-kilogram dog, while the same dog had to use 72 litres of water in the bathtub. Besides, after washing with BarkBath, the dog won't be as wet as after bathing.

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