Стрижка Йорков

Jorkov Line

Стрижка йорка - Very responsible and very difficult. It is not only necessary to achieve an irrepetitive aesthetic effect, but it is also necessary to maintain the perfect healthy type of wool of a home-born. That is why such a serious task is better to trust a professional mistress.

The beautiful wool is the main jewel and pride of the Yorkshire terriers. The gracious right haircut of the york creates an inexorable and original image of your favorite. It shows all the virtues of the species, gives the balls. In addition, a typical wool of a pet allows his master to spend a minimum of time on a daily " hair " .

Professionals working in our salon have a solid and very successful experience with Yorkshire terriers. Therefore, they always find no difficulty in approaching each of their little clients, the burial of a york for them is not a standard routine, but a joyous creative process that is rewarding with the result of the pet owners. You should be particularly responsible for the haircut of the exposition dog. This task is clearly to be entrusted only to experienced professionals who, in the course of their work, take into account many characteristics and use special techniques not available to most people.

yoorka haircut Could be hygienic, standard and model. The hygienic cut shall be between 2 and 3 per month. It is necessary to prevent the formation of colts on the back of your favorites. Standard cuts shall be made according to sufficiently strict rules. She's obligatory for exposition dogs, and so it must be done very accurately and carefully. The choice of a model haircut depends on the wishes and preferences of the dog master. This could be the Spaniel haircut, Pod Lion or Podzverg nautzer, as well as many other original options and models available.

There is no doubt that the best decoration for a home-borne will be the burial of a york, the quality of a trained specialist. The crooks of our salon with special professional techniques will create an infinite and unusually beautiful image of your pet. Exclusively qualitative tools and good cosmetics are used in the care process.

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