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Fancy Dog Leaving

китайская хохлатаяCITAILWAY FORTH

Country of origin: China
Growth: 29 - 30 cm
Maintenance: good fit
Wes: 4 - 5 kg
Life expectancy: 10-12 years
Good for you. for inexperienced owners

Chinese dogs, depending on the type of wool, have two types: naked and fur.

The best known naked Chinese dogs, they have hair on their head, ears, tails and paws, the rest of the body seem naked, but they're covered with a very delicate wool.

Less famous is a furious Chinese dog. The Puppets, as often called long-stop dogs, have a tight, thick pancreas and a smooth, silk blood hair, evenly distributed across the body.

It's interesting that both species can be present in the same mark, so it's impossible to predict which puppies will come to light.


китайская хохлатаяThe Chinese dog is a gentle companion, unbelievably loyal to his family. This breed is usually very good with dogs and other home animals and friendly to strangers.

The owners of this species say that these dogs like to hug and want human communication.

The dogs of this breed don't fit very busy people who don't have enough time for their pets. They need constant contact with a man and very poorly carry loneliness.

In addition, the Chinese dog has a very close relationship with one or two people in the family, and this connection is often vital to this dog. Even when her loved ones leave the house, she keeps waiting and looking for them.

The dog of this breed is therefore very difficult to adapt and change the master into adulthood, which should be known to the people who want to start this breed.

China's cold dog without socialization and familiarity with new places, animals and people can become scary and shy. Despite the fact that Chinese blanks do not usually cause problems with excessive lambs, this may become a problem if the Chinese idol is nervous or boring.

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