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Chuahua Dog Formation

Chihuahua is one of the smallest dogs in the world. By the degree of miniature, only Yorkshire terriers can compete in this species. Despite such tiny chikhuahua dimensions, the highly balanced nature of dogs of large species is very balanced, so they won popularity in all corners of the world. The name of the species comes from the name of the Mexican state of Chihuahua, where many ancient breeders have been found.

Mexico is the home of Chihuahua, where dogs of this type were known in the V century. Despite the small size and economic futility of the ancient ancestors of Chihuahua, Techichichi, were very common among the Aztec, Toltek and Maya. These dogs have received a lot of attention: the very miniature nature of the species is the result of multi-century selections and smooth settlement, and to some extent the occutan is secret. In any case, it is not clear from which species and how the flower was removed, but miniature dogs are sealed on ancient frescos, their remains can be found in the graves of famous people. This high popularity of Chihuahua was due to the fact that they had been involved in the cult sacrifices of ancient Indians, usually Chihuahua had sacrificed in the event of the death of a tribal member. It was believed that the techs, burned together with the master ' s remains, would take all human sins and thus facilitate the achievement of Ray. This reprimand reflects the perception of ancient people of dog loyalty. By the fifteenth century, the Maya and Aztec tribes had been destroyed by Spanish conquistadors, but Chihuahua had not disappeared, but had been transferred to Spanish hands. Their formation continued in Spanish monasteries, and by that time a smooth-short variety appeared in the breed. The smooth chikhuahua originated from the crossroads of ancient (lenient) flower with Mexican naked dogs. Until the nineteenth century, Chihuahua was virtually unknown outside its homeland, but since 1800, numerous travellers have moved miniature dogs from Mexico to Europe and the United States. In 1904, Chihuahua was displayed at an exhibition of the largest American Club of Sobaccovods in the United States, and in 1923 the Chihuahua National Club was established and a breeding standard developed.

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