To Wash Dogs With Their Hands

Купание йоркширского терьера, как купать йоркширского терьераIn order to remove dust, dirt, perhome from the skin cover of dogs, they must be cleaned regularly. Pure protects skin from disease, facilitates blood flow and improves the exchange of substances.

Clean dogs once a day. In cases where a dog gets really dirty during a walk or a job, they clean it up.

By stepping to clean, the dog's on the right hand, taking the right arm of the burial and brushing the hair on the head, neck, torso, tail and limbs. They're particularly careful to brush long dogs. They use a special brush against rotten teeth. After combing in the same sequence, the animal cleans the cheek. The tick is held in the right hand and the snitch in the left. Every time the cheek begins with a light clamp against the wool and then with a big wool pressure. Yorkshire terrier doesn't want to brush on dry hair.Купание и мытье и чистка йоркширского терьера, терьер We need to use a humidifier or a special cleavage device.It's important! The colts don't rip out, they'll brush out.

Eyes and ears are wiped clean with a rag or a cotton tampon. If necessary, the cartilage (tampon) is washed clean water and pumped well. The dogs can have an eye out. It's normal in a small amount. But you don't have to wipe the eyes of tea or other people's means.

Soap and dog bathing.

The Yorkshire terrier buys twice a month. We could do more. But a lot of washing can make a fuss. The dog's put in the tub, pouring some water and smashing some air conditioner. It's important to unleash a dog conditioner in the water instead of a dog. The furry is gradually washed with warm water, and then the champoo for dogs is attached until the foam is formed. After we wash the foam. You can repeat the Prozdur again, after which dogin the room, clean the clean rag.

It's important! The Yorkshire terrier should have his towel to dry the wool after swimming.

I'd like to point out that the yorcas are very fond of sitting on their hands after swimming. At this time, the dog is breathing and preparing for further procedures.

There are two ways to dry the dog with a fen or let the dog dry naturally.

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