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Dog Care And Food

Pupils: Upbringing and leaving from the moment of the new house

Pupil's education needs to start from the first days of his stay in your house. It is because of the formation between the dog and the master that a close emotional connection is established. The education process includes elements of dissent, games and behavioural models for the beloved.

Beginning with a puppy, it must be borne in mind the fundamental principles that should be at the heart of this process.

Love your pet, but don't give him all his wishes.

Allegation in the upbringing will result in a future beloved person not performing your commands. And small and cute little pussy, at first glance, will become a big problem when a beloved dog becomes an adult. So the sympathetic attitude in education is inappropriate.

Love the pet, but show firmness and perseverance, raising him. Soon, the puppy will begin to absorb the intonation of your voice and understand that you praise him, joke or dissatisfaction.

Pupils like children: education and care require patience.

The baby's neural system is different from the nervous system of an adult dog: the puppy is fast tired, it can't be too long to focus attention on the same occupation, it's easily distracted by outsiders (other animals transporting). The owner needs to take this into account and build a dissenting process so he won't be exhausted for a pet. Play more with your favorite, pick toys in his taste, encourage him for success and obedience. Then the necessary result won't make it wait.

Harmful practices of puppies and ways of eliminating them

Pupils' unwanted behaviour is mass. We'll see the three most common.

(1) The beggar dog. Such a puppy keeps spinning around the dinner table when the masters eat. The baby's bored, sensible looking right in the eye and trying to get a little piece. This behavior is formed after a dog at least once bought food from the host table. Kick a lover before you eat lunch or dinner yourself, never tamper with his ears, and let's not get off the table.

(2) Dogbber. Sometimes the puppy counts the scissors of the tables, the couch submarines and the chairs, the wires are edible. The habit of stealing furniture and other objects not only harms the master ' s things, but may also be dangerous for the lover himself. Try to process your beloved puppy spots with a special spray. You'll be able to buy any pet store.

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