содержания домашних собак

Rb Dogs

The owners of dogs, cats and other animals living in the public, public and private sectors are obliged:

- The contents of animals are guided by the " Guidelines for the maintenance of domestic dogs, cats and the by-catch of street animals in human settlements of the Republic of Belarus " approved by Council of Ministers Decision No. 834.

Domestic animal owners are obliged to register them in the housing and maintenance services (registration is not subject to the official dogs of the internal affairs, border and customs authorities).

Owners living in the private sector and separate communal and institutional property houses of the organizations may hold dogs in free walks only on a well-treated territory or on attachments. The presence of a dog and other animals shall be given a warning sign when entering the station.

Domestic animals are prohibited:

- Maintenance of more than two animals of one species in the apartment;

dog content and other predatory animals in dormitories, public apartments (general kitchens) without the consent of neighbors, in preschools, schools, treatment and preventive, curative institutions, entrances, basements, staircases, balconies and building worms;

- Bring animals to shops, catering and community services, public buildings, stadiums, children ' s parks and other public places;

- The taking of dogs, other predatory animals (over 40 cm in the chole) to children under 12 years to prevent injuries and accidents;

- Animal walk on cords, belts and ropes;

- an animal walk without leash, a collar, a mosquito, and no registration document, a registration plate and an animal excrement kit.

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