Коллектив РФСС от всей души

List Of Brass Bands

Sometimes we face badly selling puppies like Siberia, buyers, and just fraudsters who try to sell out unfamiliar pupils with false documents on our behalf or on behalf of official RCF/FCI pets.

The list is prepared for the information of petists, dog manufacturers and buyers to whom the business reputation and future fate of their pets are not indifferent. You can supplement it with your information.

The private pieter, Magic World, is a site, but unfortunately I don't know. Sale of sick sybirian puppies♪ The price on the Avito website https://www. /sankt-peterburg/sobaki/sibirskaya_haski_600655511 is indicated, only for the purpose of attracting customers, puppies are sold from 20,000 to 50,000. Specifically, my puppy was worth 30,000, and it cost exactly the same treatment, all the supporting documents on my hands, including the Puppet Metrico, through Moscow.

Husky Club fraudsactive promotion of the sale of Siberia's puppies to Yandex. Direction to:
Web site:
Telephone: (not working)
Address: not specified
Contact: not specified
The web site is registered, the site owner's information is hidden.
It's an advertisement for puppies who have nothing to do with official business. RCF pistol/FCI, background discussion

  • Other bad advertisements were published here, who worked on behalf of the Haska Club for the first time: To date, they have removed their advertisements on our behalf and their information has been transferred to the archives. If this ad comes again, the advertiser will return to this page forever and the archival information will fill their history!
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