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Duration Of Dog Pregnancy

Veterinary is science, and science is clear, dog pregnancy lasts 63 days... no matter how. How many times do dogs have pregnant depending on their breed, mass, size, number of puppies, genetic heritage, general condition and conditions of detention. The most " discreet " dogs in terms of reproduction are butlers, they have precise dates and timelines, and the " baby " average. Natural dogs It is planned and with a certain partner, which imposes control over nature for no reason.

Where are the puppies coming from? - Dog sexuality

Depending on the breed, the dog is ready for the first evaporation between the ages of 8 and 12 months, some " rushes " , especially small breeds, may wish to have progeny between 6 and 7 months. Naturally, bandages at such a young age are not acceptable, and problems with sustenance, birth and health are guaranteed in the future. The nobility of the nobility also prevents dolls in the first flow if the bladder does happen, the probability of death of females and puppies is very high.

The restrictions apply not only to the self-propelled, it is considered that earlyly untouched cobs provide less quality progeny also reduces the age range of sexual activity.

Only a fully grown, physically and morally, dog can deliver and deliver healthy puppies. It's assumed to be " cycles " , and the first bundle should be in the third flow. This means the optimal age for bandages, for small dogs 1, 2-1, 5, for large 1, 8-2. Differents, such as the Caucasus sheep, marry after the age of 3. General standards for self-development:

  • The first flow before the age of 7 or over 15 months is considered to be a deviation.
  • The flow rate is 6 months, less than 4 or more than 9 is a deviation.

Times may fluctuate and deviations may be allowed, but this must be justified by natural characteristics.

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