Сколько белка можно собаке?

Protein Content In Dog Feeds

Рисунок 1 - Показатели уровня азота мочевины в процессе теста.Over the past 20 years, the influence of protein in food for damsel animals has been discussed, with the emphasis that too low or too high protein concentrations in feed have a negative impact on health dogs and cats

The food proteins are the main source of substitute and non-applicable amino acids. Endogenous and exogenic proteins are made of the same 20 alpha-acino acids. Ten of them can be synthesized in animal organisms by transamising endogenic proteins, the others are indispensable and have to do with food. Beta is amino acid, Tarin is indispensable for cats and imputable for dogs. Belles in the system perform many different functions: structural, transport, immune, energy, hormones and enzymes. White exchange is linked to synthesis of proteins (Allison and Wannemacher, 1965; Wolfe, 2006). The major problem of high protein in the diet is the possible negative impact on kidney function. Brenner and others. (1985) noted that rats with high protein feed could lead to kidney failure.Рисунок 3 - Показатели АсАТ в процессе теста. Although the results of later studies have refuted this hypothesis, it is the view of professionals that the use of excess protein leads to a breach of kidney function. The purpose of the study was therefore to examine the health effects of adult dogs with high protein content for a long period of time.

Materials and methods

Ten adult healthy dogs (average age of 3.5, an average weight of 22.35 kg) were divided into two groups of five dogs, a Latin square (5 dogs x 2 feeds x 8 months), both groups were feeding high protein feeds, the same ingredients, but different protein levels (34 and 37 per cent, corresponding to feed A and B).

Before the test began and every two months, dogs weighed and took blood tests to determine clinical and basic biochemical indicators. All data were analysed using ANOVA.

Рисунок 2 - Показатели креатинина в процессе теста. Рисунок 4 - Показатели АлАТ в процессе теста.

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