Собака на цепи - нет зрелища

Dog Content On Chains

ЗКС, шутцхунд, дрессировка на защитуBlack list of dissenting techniques, behavioural corrections and dog treatment. How do you not make mistakes in teaching and dealing with dog behaviour? What's the use of professional choices?

Training and dog content It is often based on myths and misconceptions about origin, social nature, natural characteristics and others. Sometimes it comes from lack of information, sometimes intentionally.Как наказать собаку (c) ~ggvic~, The problem is that many councils based on these myths have serious negative consequences: destroy relationships, harm the physical and mental health of the dog and even kill.

Cause of pain

People like to punish. We have many ways of punishing them, and to be psychologically comfortable, there are various tools in our cultures, such as free will, demonizing the enemy, etc. People often find punishment a good way of learning, and one of the most effective punishments is physical, painful.

Punishment as a form of animal education is used in occupancy, a form of education that was opened and studied in the past century by psychologists. Bicheviorists later admitted penalties (any incentive to harm and to avoid them - aversive incentives) as an ineffective way of learning.

The bicheviorism era has ended, dog eyes and teaching methods have expanded considerably. It was shown that the punishments were not only effective but destroyed the relationship with the dog and could lead to serious problems, physical and psychological trauma.

Изоляция собаки (c) Jon Shave, http://www.flickr.com/photos/shavejonathan/ Уставшая собака (c) Living in Monrovia, http://www.flickr.com/photos/livinginmonrovia/
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