Ванна для собак в интерьере

Dogs And Shoes

Get the dirt on the house. Both.
You say it's a banality, and you've already had an unconditional reflex, but the dog doesn't, especially if she's got a dirty liar in the nearest tree interested in the neighbor's cable. Praise the pet for coming with you.

Enter the entrance, run a dog on all the carpets lying outside.
Let the dog wipe the foot after a walk. First, wet paws slide on the stove, a dog can hurt his leg (and it's not a joke), but secondly, it's better to enter the apartment with the dryest paws.

Put the dog on the rubber mat at the front door.
Get her to know that she can't walk through the apartment until special permission. Take your clothes off, take your shoes off, and prepare everything for the comfortable. washing paw.♪ But the dog doesn't have to go anywhere, she has to understand that everything that happens is inevitable.

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