Гигиеническая стрижка

Animal String

Tonight, Frunze 24 found a dog, a girl. The poor man was lying near the trash, turning into a slice and dying of cold. Took her to a nearby veterinary clinic. She was examined there. It turns out the dog is very young, 10 to 11 months. I am. There's a cut on the stomach from a very recent sterilization operation. The dog's healthy, but the worst.
Turns out the dog was already looking for her house. She's already been taken over to Timirazev, but she couldn't stay in the house and she was sleeping in a box outside. She was very bad alone, on the freeze, so she was worried and scully. The neighbors are tired of it, took the dog to town and left.
Today, the dog sleeps at the Golden Stone Hotel. Tomorrow we'll take and take the girl who can take her over.
The dog is very kind, honey, people are not afraid and very in need.

Searching for a good and responsible master or master, necessarily a warm house. He can't live on the street.

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