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Dog Technology

The origin and history of the development of one of the oldest military units of the Podmoskova, founded in 1924, is cherished by a dog museum where there were only eight dog species under his organization and today more than 1,200.

Excursions are taking place at the movie center of the Dmitrovian cinema dogs. The centre ' s museum collects documentary evidence of dog heroic performance during the Second World War. They saved the lives of 680,000 wounded fighters, taking them out of the battlefield. In the years of war, the school trained over 100,000 dogs, who found 4 million mines, engaged in demining of more than 300 cities, verified 15,000 kilometres of roads, destroyed over 6,000 enemy soldiers and officers, 300 enemy tanks and armoured vehicles. Message dogs delivered 200,000 military reports, emptied 175,000 kilometres of cables.

By chance, in Parade, the victory in the Red Square was attended by warriors with their four-legged pets.

They carried a dangerous service later, in Afghanistan, where they wanted mines better than any mine detector. If the land of Nashpigovan is scrap metal, bullet, broken machinery, the mine detector is inseparable. And the greedy or stone-crazy soil doesn't work the tentacle. And only the phenomenal possibilities of dog smell, and the talented use of their human beings, are yielding remarkable results. Dogs found explosive devices in any shell: metal, glass, wooden, plastic. Seven million mines have been cleared with mosquito deminers. And now, the range of opportunities for caregivers is unusually wide. They serve at the Customs, border, Ministry of Emergency Situations...

They're preparing dogs -- sapers, communications, stalkers, leash, miners, rescue assistants who can find people in the building blocks after the earthquakes. Dogs even jumped with special parachutes in sabotage groups.

The training is now being conducted in three fields: security and guard services, mine search and rescue services. The Centre ' s mission is to develop the theoretical framework, methodology and technology for dogs, their dispersal and their application. At the same time, tribal dogs are being reproduced and professional dogs trained. It is here in the tribal pit that three popular breeds have been produced: the Moscow guard, the watershed and the Russian dog breed, the black terrier.

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