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The Creation Of Hunting Dogs

Фото Николая СорокинаIn whose hands is the fate of hunting dogs? - beg Halperin on the pages of the ROG (No. 14, 2013). Strange question! Undoubtedly, in the hands of the Association of Rosochotrebolas Union, which has a specially trained cinema army, which assesses the work of hunting dogs on animal tests, exterrier on tribal exhibitions and findings and breeds dogs within the zootypical rules of tribal formation.

Foto Nikolai Golina

Tribal dog hunting In the framework of the RORS, a long-tested traditional line is being pursued, while the specific traditions of hunting in Russia are maintained. In the nineteenth century, tribal practices in Russia have been the basis for the development of hunting dogs in many European countries.

At a meeting in 2003 with the President of the International Film Film Film Federation (FCI), Guns Muller, the latter said that " Russia is particularly interested in its hunting dogs for the international film community. Its multi-century traditions and rules have, in due course, made an important contribution to the development of world cynology (A. Zelenov, ROG No. 18, 2004).

RORS is engaged in scientifically sound zootypical and right-wing dogs as a breeding industry. It tribes hunting dogs in the framework of established Russian traditions and serves mainly hunters, dog owners. To this end, tribes with compulsory bonusing are organized, which takes into account the origin of the dog and its four ancestral ancestral ancestral and all field diplomas in the three rows (i.e., it is clear from which ancestral ancestral ancestral ancestry has occurred)

Exterrier estimates obtained by a dog on all hunting exhibitions and findings are taken into account; hunting qualities - all diplomas obtained from various tests and matches available in the parent dog are recorded in the score sheet and participate in the bonus; and finally tribal descendants, if available (i.e., graduates).

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