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Pyroplasmosis - animal blood disease

Pyroplasmosis (baseiosis) is a natural, nomadic, blood-bearing disease that is caused by simple microorganisms - grandmases or pyroplasms that tend to be acute but sometimes chronic. Broadcasting is given to toxic mites, at bite, and the reservoirs are usually small grazes.

Dogs, foxes, horses, Romany dogsbig and small cattle, pigs.

Иксодовые клещиDisease distribution

Also, it has long been known that pyroplasmosis may be afflicted by wild members of the cat family - leopards, hepards and other cats, and in some cases homemade. The disease may be accompanied by anaemia, fever, drying, yellowishness of lysis. If the treatment is untimely or incorrect, the majority ends with an animal fatality.

The disease has been known for a long time, and has been examined at the end of the past century, as well as at the beginning of the past century ( Christophers - 1907, Pianj et GalliVarerio - 1895, Yakimov - 1913, Junkovsky - 1909). Previously it was called a forest disease, how many animals were infected after walking into the woods.

Walking in the woods, in the field or in the park, animals may be exposed to mites, which are usually planted in the head, neck and in the interior of the hip.

Pyroplasmosis characteristics

The pyroplasmosis is characteristic of its comity, as well as seasonality of outbreaks of disease, it is caused by habitat and by mites.

In the middle lane, the disease is often recorded from early April and until July and from the second half of August to October. The current air temperature is the main factor governing the activity of adhesion. In some years, pyroplasmosis contamination occurs before the end of November, which also involves temperature conditions.

Clinical signs

The most characteristic clinical signs of acute pyroplasmosis are: sluggishness, temperature rise (sometimes up to 41 and above), vomiting, urination of urine or the appearance of blood.

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