Метод 2 из 3: Обучение

The Dog On The Leash

I don't know what to do.
Circle Bessant

Never before has our life been so intense, busy and disturbed. People work longer and longer; they are more likely than ever to expect labour breaks, enthusiasm. Staff members need to prove to their company that they are engaged and committed to work (as is the case, for example, that he or she is long overdue, although reprocessing is not paid).

There are, of course, weak voices in the protection of family values and the need to devote time to their children, but people increasingly have to stay at work late, otherwise they do not perform their duties. And those who work for themselves are not in a better position: they also spend a long time checking whether they've used all the possibilities and whether they can be useful to their employees who are still in the office. This is a vicious circle. What to say about a short-term working week, about free time for fun and hobby are those 20-year-old forecasts now look like utopia! Today, we are waiting for us to demonstrate our commitment to our work life, our willingness to sacrifice free time for the cause we love!

Thirty-four years ago, and family life seemed completely different, as it was now, women in most families sat home, farmed, cared for their husband and children. Today, husband and wife are equal partners, both usually work, because one husband's salary isn't just gonna live. And women ' s attitudes towards homework have changed, and many are recognized that they are going to work just to get away from home care and with children. And yet you need to stay at home, at least to deal with a boring routine-- to run shopping, store supplies, put things in the washing machine, get the receipts on the rent and other charges. There's hardly any time to rest, not to mention entertainment; just to sleep seems luxury. Aah! cat care You don't need much time, but it doesn't have to go out in time.

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