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How To Walk A Dog

Dog rules in town Not much different from them, but in any other locality. The only exception relates to the owners of dogs who walk their pets on their own fenced land, and they are allowed not to use a leash if there is a warning sign at the entrance. Details as to how animals walk out on the street and responsibility for their violation are given in this article.

Regulations for dog walks in public: general provisions

Accepted that Dog rules in town There is no regulation at the federal level. Indeed, the legislation of such a plan exists only in the regional codes on administrative offences and other local regulations.

However, there are generally accepted standards that are equally equitable for all actors in the country. They are established by a document adopted at the time of the Soviet Union, by an Order of the Council of Ministers of the RSF RS (Obs of Regulation) dogs and cats in cities and other human settlements of the Russian Federation No. 449 of the year.

Important: Despite the long adoption, the document has not been revoked, that is, it continues to operate throughout Russia.

Chapter 3 of the regulation lists the requirements for dog owners to comply with when they leave the pet.

  • Removal of dogs in a short leash or in a worm (definitions for puppies under 3 months);
  • Dog walks only in specially designated locations (if the area of the fence is allowed to leave without a curtain and leash);
  • The dog walk is allowed 24 hours a day, but at night (from 23.00 to 07.00 hours) the master is obliged to take measures to ensure silence.

It is also prohibited to walk the dog to persons intoxicated.

Responsibility for the violation of these rules is in accordance with local codes of administrative offences of the constituent entities of Russia. However, if this has led to a substantial violation of the rights of others, the situation may extend to the scope of federal legislation, up to the Penal Code.

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