умный ошейник для собак

Dog Washing Gear

He writes an official from Novartis (practical, milebex), a vet.

All drops to achieve maximum effect should be started for the MONT prior to the season of activity of the mit, so that they can accumulated and a cumulative effect that enhances protection. Then the risk of peak months (April and May) will be minimal. That is, the end of February, early March, for the central parts of the RF, the optimal start-up period.
♪ For the time being, permethrin and pyriprol are the fastest possible substances. Pyriprol starts operating 24 hours after the application.
The safest is fipronyl (4 risk class - low toxicity), Pyriprol 3 is moderate.
Pyriprol is a water resistant, a swimming and washing dogs doesn't weaken protection. You can buy it for the second day. You can't wash and buy a dog two days before and the day after the drop on the skin. In the case of other artists, three days before and three days after processing.
♪ In a glue peak, any drop lasts no more than three weeks. And if they're not water resistant, and you're buying a lot, the defense will only be two weeks.
♪ If you had to. wash the dog. Once the caps were applied (first two days), it was bathed, caught in the rain - we'd be digging before 14 days and before the forest, the floor on the stomach, the grotesque, the laps spraying the spray with the other woods. ♪
♪ If the dog's weight is between the pipettes, we take the big one. We don't buy one big drink on two little dogs. We don't just pour the whole pit if the dog's weight is more than 25 kg, it's fine along the spine in 3-4 locations, and one point of ten kilograms of weight.
♪ If a dog with a thick hair and a thick stitch, and its weight is approaching the upper border, the next one is used by weight.
♪ For dogs whose weight exceeds 50kg, a combination of beer is used, calculated 1 ml per 10 kg animal weight.
♪ Mienika can use drip on purnel, permetrine, if their weight exceeds 2 kg, below, take sprays on purple (flontline). Pick 2-4 kg, don't split it half.
- The cats can use drip on the purple specially designed for cats. Pyriprol isn't toxic to them, but you can't be able to contact animals 24 hours after the application.

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