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Special Features Of Dog Detention

Some factories and amateurs living in private homes prefer to keep their pets on the street, in the voilers. Such a method of content should pay special attention to the organization of space for animal life. The volner in which a dog is planned to be housed shall be at least 5-7 m2, and shall be equipped with roofs and wooden floors. Education is also important.

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It's best to build a 3-wall to do wooden, and a quarter to make metal pimps.

Another mandatory element of the volley equipment is a box. The walls of the booth may be inaccurate, the obligatory requirement is the absence of cheeks and the size in which the dog can freely pull the legs, but there will not be much outer space. For further warming and protection from wind, a lemon from a thin waist can be placed before entering the box.

It is not recommended to use a rope for the construction of a rope, as large adult dogs do not have the difficulty of smashing a hole in it.

For hygienic purposes, the floor of the volera is filled with opium, which changes once every 2 to 3 days.

It is particularly important to pay the same attention as he would receive in raising his home. If a pimp sees a master only 10 minutes a day during feeding and cleaning, it may grow in a damaging, scary way, or, on the contrary, overly aggressive.

Vulnerable dogs do not need additional physical loads

With a lack of walks, a free animal starts running around the perimeter of its accessible territory, spraying the bars and angles. This applies to both dogs who are out of the voir and those who are sprayed in it.

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