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Dog Condition

The homeless dog ran for a 688-kilometre marathon. And a family!
An example of a real dog loyalty has clearly demonstrated a dog named Arthur. And unfit humanity is a man named Michael Lindnord.
It all began with the Swedish extremist going to Ecuador to run (and ride on a bicycle and sail on a boat) almost 700 kilometres. It's a world championship on the adventure race. But the real adventure was different. Somewhere in the beginning, he shared a lunch with a homeless dog who ran out of his dog business as well. And the dog tied up with him. He's in the mountain and she's in the mountain. He's in the jungle, and she's in the jungle. He's in the water, and the dog... he's running around the shore, and he's in the river, and he's sailing behind the boat. Well, there's no need to have a heart to throw a little brother away. Anyway, he dragged a new friend into a pot, and they've never left. Even when the competition ended.
..and the mud.

Michael never won the race. But he won a much more valuable prize that rarely comes into life. He found a friend. And the dog found the family. It is not only for Ecuador to escape, but for the entire planet, the equator.

Mihael's wife and daughter don't eat souls in the dog.

They live in Sweden. And good will be alive. Because a book written by Lindnord, Arthur: a dog that crossed the jungle to find a house, became an unseller.


It has been determined that all dogs are born to the wolf. Some of the dogs, like sheep and liki, are reminded of the wolf. But by looking at a cab, a bowl, a bullet or a helmet, who's gonna remember their thrilled master?

The wolf's handwriting, his treatment in the dog is a stone age. It's the first one of the wildlife people's hands. Since then, through cross-section and targeted selection, a man has removed some 400 different varieties dog breedsometimes so unlike each other

A friend in the face, the size and the wedding, which is hard to believe: we have one species of animal - a dog that has an amazing character - loyalty to the master.

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