Красивая девушка с ухоженными

Dog Maintenance Equipment

dogs-coversThe dogs need a collar, a wardrobe, short leash, long lead and chain.

Shadow It's designed to wear a dog on the neck and attach a leash to it. It is made of leather, leather, special latrine.

The lord serves to protect outsiders from possible dog bites. The most common curtain is deaf. In addition, wemords are wheat and net (from skin, leather, belt, metal grid, etc.). The collar and the wardrobe are approaching every dog so they don't interfere with her and that the dog can't throw them away.

Short leash (1-1, 5 m) attached to the collar, used to drive a dog near the drifter(s). Printed from skin, leather or belt. There's a carabine at the end of the lock to attach to the collar, on the other side, a hinge for holding in the hand.

The long lead (10-12 m) is attached to the collar, used to drive the dog up to 10 m from the drifter(s). Short leash is only long.

The chip is used to tie the dog. There's a carabine on the same end to attach to the collar, and on the other, barrels to attach a chain near the box.

The dogs are brushed, scrubbed, rabbit, juice and clean rag.

It is recommended to keep the dog in the apartments close to the house so that the dog can get it. But we need to make sure that she doesn't have a difficult habit of playing with an inventory, rowing it, etc. In the nursery and school of the service dogs, the tools are stored in the storerooms.

Cases of cats and dogs

People have respected cats for centuries. In Japan, for example, cats were specially placed at the gates of the house, which symbolized the warm house, and in Russia, the cat is still the first to start the new house. ♪

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